Frequently Asked Questions

Driver license
We will ask to see your driver license upon arrival and make sure that it is valid.

Helmet and riding gear 
Helmets are mandatory. We have a full range of enduro style riding gear, including helmets, goggles, body armour, elbow and knee pads, jerseys, gloves, hydration pack drinking system and riding trousers and boots. Some clients choose to bring their own helmets, boots and gloves anyway, for their own comfort. We stock common sizes; however we cannot guarantee a perfect fit every time, clothing sizes should be completed on our booking form. All gear subject to sizes/fitting.

Can I bring my own riding gear?
Yes, many riders do bring their own riding gear as boots, helmets, goggles and gloves tend to mould to the owner and therefore tend to be slightly more comfortable than hire gear

ATV-s used
We use Yamaha Grizzly

Are they easy to operate
The ATV’s we use are Yamaha Grizzly. Before the start of the tour or trail everbody gets a detailed and personal instruction in operating and handling of the ATV. Also you drive a test tour where different situations are trained before we let go.

Is there a guide?  
Yes, all our tours and trails are led by our guide. It is not possible to ride out on your own.

What about instruction? 
On the first morning after your arrival you start with machine familiarisation followed by a warm up which consists of a gentle individual ride on our training ground. 
During the instruction we will advice about posture and body position; braking techniques, downhill, effects of front and rear braking. You will be introduced to driving techniques for ascents, descents and cornering and get introduced to obstacles, river crossing, rocks, ruts, steep slopes. We’ll inform about the different terrains and how to choose line. Security and safety rules around the base, in the villages, near animals and while on tour or trail will be advised.

Any weight limits
Yes, the driver cannot exceed 135 Kg (297,62 pounds /21,25 stone) and a child on the back seat not more than 40 Kg(88,18 pounds/6,298 stone).

Security advices
Always use helmet and other safety gear.
Never drive under influence of alcohol.
Never carry a passenger on a single-rider vehicle.
Never drive faster than you can handle.
An ATV is not a toy.

What about insurance 
All of our bikes are covered by third party insurance, which means if you have an accident, our insurance pays for the other person or property, but does not cover your personal injuries, nor damage to our bike. Each client is advised to purchase supplemental personal medical and repatriation insurance. Be sure that your insurance covers ATV and Multisport holidays, as many insurance policies exclude such activities that they consider too dangerous or risky. Consult your local insurance agency before you come to Bulgaria, most agencies offer one week insurance packages for a minimal cost.

What should I bring with me?
Spending money, although as we supply almost everything you’ll spend very little, your own riding gear if you prefer, proof of insurance, driving license, passport.

Are the tours flexible, for example can I request my own itinerary?
Our menu of tours follows the itinerary that is described in detail on the tours page of this website; we use this as a guideline which can be customized within certain boundaries. If you have suggestions for your group we can discuss and will try to tailor a tour to suit your request, however we are constantly looking to find ways to improve our tours. So you should find something close in our list of options, we know where the best places are to ride and eat and we get a real buzz showing you these places.

What terms and conditions apply?
See our Terms and Conditions download on the reservation page TERMS & CONDITIONS LINK

Is it possible to combine ATV riding with a family holiday?
Yes, other activities include trekking or walking in the mountains, camping (only in approved areas), fishing, hunting, horse riding, mountain biking and cultural excursions.

Why are you situated high in the mountains?
Because the central part of the Sredna Gora Mountains offers you the best combination of beautiful scenery, fantastic riding terrain, miles of trails and pistes and being up in the mountain means uniquely we can (and do) ride almost 360 ° from our door. Being able to do this we can take advantage of the landscape variations, we even have a mountain lake for swimming near by! What clinched it for us was the reception we have from the locals when we first pitched up with the ATVs, we were accepted without question.

What about non riders? 
Please see answer regarding family holiday for more details.

What about short stay?  
We don’t list every possibility we have, instead we try to fit a group in for a day or days riding in between the bigger tours, so drop us a mail or give us a call and we’ll try to arrange a booking for you.

If you have any further questions or information requests, please just send a mail.

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ATV Adventure trails and tours in the heart of Bulgaria. Riding an ATV in off the beaten paths in the wild mountains include an adrenaline rush. If you like or you are ready to try to feel your heart pumping and your nostrils flaring ATV TOURS Bulgaria is your challenging choice.




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