Our base “Svezhen Mountain Chalet” is in the very heart of the Sredna Gora Mountains and actually in the heart of Bulgaria itself. Svezhen is a small village of original Bulgarian architecture and remote village life. This tranquil village with around 180 inhabitants is surrounded by endless unspoiled meadows and old woods. With its traditional village life and the well known Bulgarian hospitality and attractive mountain climate it is a perfect vacation destination for anybody wishing to experience “Bulgaria as it once was” and enjoy all the challenges of the unspoiled nature.
Bulgarian roses
In the valley between the ranges of the  Balkan Mountains and Sredna Gora Mountains are exceptional climatic conditions. The area is called The Valley of Roses (“Rozova Dolina” in Bulgarian) and is home to an extensive production of essential oils, mainly rose oil(otto). The slopes are cultivated with red and white roses (the red “rosa damascene” and the white “rosa alba”) which are harvested in the early hours of the day before the oil evaporates in the period from 24th May and 3-4 weeks ahead. Rose oil is used in cosmetics and perfumes. Bulgaria is one of the world’s largest suppliers of rose oil for the perfume industry.
  The Thracians
Not far away from the village of Svezhen lies the Valley of the Thracian Kings – a valley with a yet unknown number of burial sites for monarchs and rulers. Thracian tribes inhabited Bulgaria from 700 BC and their kingdom covered an area between the Greek archipelago and the Danube. Their culture reached a peak in the 4th century BC from which period the most famous burial mounds and precious gold discoveries strain. As late as in 2004 Bulgarian archaeologists found a man surrounded by rich goods including a mask of gold while excavating the burial mound of Svetitsa. The same year a bronze head of a man with a beard who is supposed to be the portrait of King Seuthes III was found in the Golyama Kosmatka mound.
The old Romans
After the Thracian came the Romans. One of their main settlements was Hisarya about 30 km from the village of Svezhen. Even today the remains of the Roman city wall running through the town is a dominating sight. The Romans used the mineral springs and had their famous baths. The mineral springs play a mayor role in the town also today where the town is housing a wealth of SPA and wellness hotels.

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