Area: 110.910 sq km
Population: 7,5 mill. (2004)
Capital: Sofia
Language: Bulgarian
Alphabet: Cyrillic
Religion: Bulgarian Orthodox (Christian)
Climate: Moderate continental with hot summers and cold winters. Generally the weather is slightly cooler in the mountains.

  National holiday: March 3, day of the Liberation of Bulgaria from Ottoman Yoke (1878); May 6, St. George’s Day; May 24, day of the Bulgarian Literature and Slavonic letters; September 6, Bulgaria’s Unification Day; September 22, Bulgaria’s Independence Day, November 1, Day of the National Revival Leaders.
   Monetary unit: the Bulgarian Lev (BGN). Approximate exchange rate 1EUR = 1,96 BGN. The Bulgarian Lev is pegged to the Euro. 1 EUR = 1.955 BGN.



There are several mountain ranges in Bulgaria. The longest is the Balkan Mountain range (”Stara Planina” or the old mountain in Bulgarian); starting in Serbia and with a slight curvature ending in the Black Sea at Cape Emine (Nos Emine). Its dividing Bulgaria into two; from the south the mountain is rising like a wooden wall and from the north the hills are becoming higher and higher. Right in the middle thrones Mt. Botev (2376m). From here there is a perfect view of the lower Sredna Gora Mountains hiding exciting stories and unspoiled nature.
  The Black Sea coast

The Bulgarian Riviera offers miles of sandy beaches and all kinds of resorts from large complexes to cosy villages.  Resorts like Golden Sands and Sunny Beach are never sleeping. You’ll meet a wonderful blend of local urban life and beach life in the small coastal town Pomorie situated north of Bourgas. In the old part of the town you find cobbled streets and shady courtyards housing exciting restaurants. The town is known for the production of the best and most expensive Bulgarian brandy “The Black Sea Gold”, extraction of salt and as SPA-resort.

Food & wine

The Bulgarian cuisine is fresh salads, a variety of spices, tasty meat dishes, exciting pastries and seasonal fruits. A true Bulgarian dinner starts with the delicious salad “shopska” with the main ingredients of sun ripened tomatoes, crispy cucumbers, onion and with lots of grated feta cheese served with an ice-cold rakiya (schnapps) made of grapes or plums. The culinary experience has just started.
Bulgarian wine is also a part of the meal – preferable of the typical Bulgarian grapes like traminer, gamza, pamid, mavrud or the more well known chardonnay, muscatel, merlot and cabernet sauvignon. Bulgaria is one of the world’s leading wine makers.


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