The multi sport or multi activity programme falls into two or three depending on you and what you are looking for. We have a pre-designed one week programme if you go for a mix of activities through the week. May be you prefer to wait and decide on spot or you know what you want and your co travellers / family simply have other interests but you want to be together. We have the facilities, the ideas, the experience –we know what makes us and our programmes tick. Of course OUTDOOR ADVENTURES are in focus with a twist of local culture, local food and drinking.

There is no better way to experience the nature, biology and geology or habits of the local people than walking in the mountains with our guides. Let us guide you through the spirit of the Balkan Mountain landscapes and enjoy the breathtaking views of endless meadows and amazing mountain views.

Mountain biking
We ride in terrains with steep uphill slopes and steep descents giving the tours some tremendous challenges and experiences. There are challenging technical routes with many exciting passages, combined with stunning nature experiences and panoramas, surely able to take your breath away.

Horse Riding
Horseback riding is also a passion for us. With the access to Riding Base Balkan, we have all possibilities to arrange a riding holiday for a part of the family or a multi-sports week where everybody try horse riding and get experience the magic between horse and man.

There are several mountain lakes where we sit with our rods and enjoy the silence and the opportunity to catch dinner. It is fishing for the soul and cosiness.


Wilderness camping
We put up the tipi’s and stay overnight at the lake, in the woods or on top of the mountains. We cook over an open fire and enjoy the starry sky light over the camp. It's back to nature and far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  And it is a freedom and joy of the tranquillity of the nature that can be experienced by everybody regardless of whether you are on 2 feet, 2 wheels – with 4 legs or 4 wheels. It’s worth testing.

If you’d prefer to make your mountain biking slightly easier there is also a possibility of a shuttle to take you and your bike to a spot high in the park from which you may ride back down
The price of a multi sport activity week is EUR 975 per person.
All these are includes: Transport to/fm Sofia Airport, 7 nights full board, 6 days with activities – everything is included: rent of mountain bike, fully equipped riding horse, ATV, mountain guide, fishing rod, luggage transport.


You can make your reservation of the multi sport week right here


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ATV Adventure trails and tours in the heart of Bulgaria. Riding an ATV in off the beaten paths in the wild mountains include an adrenaline rush. If you like or you are ready to try to feel your heart pumping and your nostrils flaring ATV TOURS Bulgaria is your challenging choice.




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