Vacation is something special and we all have our wishes and dreams for the perfect holiday; ATV vacation hopefully. ATV Tours Bulgaria has already designated the Balkan Mountain ATV Trail and Svezhen ATV / QUAD Tour on ATVs and Quad bikes as trips with really big nature experiences on four wheels. But we have more opportunities to make exciting ATV tours. We think of exceptional ATV Tours with a recurring theme or a special focus on one particular type of experiences on the ATVs / Quad-bikes. There are many possibilities - here are some of our theme weeks in 2013:

ATV  Dreams for big and small boys

- It’s obvious, that Mommy has to look for another activity while father and son are living the dream.


 See the price and the full programme here >>>



ATV Nature Adventure

- Explore the woods, the mountains and your family in a different way. Plenty of nature and wilderness experiences.


 See the price and the full programme here >>>



ATV Adventure "Solo & singles"

- It is actually more than ok to travel alone on an ATV vacation. The week is reserved to solo travellers. 


 See the price and the full programme here >>>



ATV Girl power

- If it's a secret to yourself - try this tour and you're convinced. Let loose at the top for one week - and enjoy a relaxing SPA stay afterwards.


 See the price and the full programme here >>>



ATV Trip for men who haven’t forgotten to be boys

- Full speed on ATV and QUAD bikes. Kick it with horsepower, motor oil, wheels and a glass of the local beer.

 See the price and the full programme here >>>  


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ATV Adventure trails and tours in the heart of Bulgaria. Riding an ATV in off the beaten paths in the wild mountains include an adrenaline rush. If you like or you are ready to try to feel your heart pumping and your nostrils flaring ATV TOURS Bulgaria is your challenging choice.




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