ATV TOURS BULGARIA is based in the very centre of Bulgaria. 180 km (111,85 miles) from Sofia in the Sredna Gora Mountains. The area is is a perfect place for everything connected to off road activities. Even the Bulgarian OFF-ROAD RALLY is passing by on one of the yearly stages and exactly here the drivers show a high respect for the challenges in the mountains. Here is just the most wild and challenging terrains for ATV / quad bikes - old forests, rivers and waterfalls, steep ascents, narrow passages, wide open spaces, soft meadows, hard rutted, craggy ledges. Simply everything!

Adrenaline ATV Trail
. Did you forget to live right here and now, so you'll probably get it learned on this ATV quad bike trail, where speed, voltage, driving ability and concentration are central elements through the challenging terrain in the mountains in the heart of Bulgaria. You’ll face a technically challenging trail on off-the-beaten-tracks; drive through beautiful landscapes and interesting historical sights. There is room for extra adrenaline pumping when trying the bungee-jump and tandem-paragliding. It is a pure adventure with built-in pleasure when the hard day is over and the tasty Bulgarian cuisine, good beer and wonderful wines just gives a little extra twist to the speed of the day.
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Balkan Mountain ATV Trail
is a one-week intensive mountain drive with sharp falls and rises, like this 1100-600-2300-700m -1800-2300 -800-1100 m (from 2300 feet up to 7860) through old Thracian and Roman mountain passes. That says it all. Combined with changing mats and the natural diversity in the mountains, depending on the heights excitement and challenge is guaranteed. We reach Mt. Botev (2396 m) the highest peak in the Balkan mountain – with the characteristic television tower, the weather station and the nearby backdrop of abandoned military buildings. During the Cold War a direct telephone connection from Moscow and across the Atlantic went through these facilities, and it was impossible to get close to the buildings.

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Svezhen ATV / Quad tour
we drive out from the base, located in 1100 m every day using all 360o untamed outdoor freedom. We embrace the natural challenges and drive through ancient forests, streams, fields and up and down the hillsides. Some days we are in the terrains from down to tusk and have picnic on the way, or we drive to exciting historic sites and eat lunch. No two days are alike. The steep terrains and the fantastic 4-wheel driven ATVs will get the pulse up and that in really beautiful places where it is probably better not to take your eyes off the road for too long! 
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ATV weekend break in the mountains.
 You can expect exiting experiences, full speed on the ATVs, good food and nice company on this intensive ATV / Quad bike weekend in the mountains only 1 hour from the airport of Plovdiv.
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ATV Adventure trails and tours in the heart of Bulgaria. Riding an ATV in off the beaten paths in the wild mountains include an adrenaline rush. If you like or you are ready to try to feel your heart pumping and your nostrils flaring ATV TOURS Bulgaria is your challenging choice.




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